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The Data Conference

This year’s conference will emphasize the importance of Data , as well as it will highlight the best practices of analytics use from organizations and the basic parameters of the today’s necessary “data-centric strategy”.

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Ship IT Conference

Ploes Ιωάννου Φιξ, Παλαιό Φάληρο

ShipIT Conference 2024 organized by BOUSSIAS’ publications netweek and Association of Maritime Managers in Information Technology and Communication( AMMITEC), under the auspices of Norwegian Center for Cybersecurity in Critical Sectors (NORCICS) and Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology(ELINT) , Addressed to the maritime, shipping, ocean freight and port industry, Analyzing the impact of the Digitalization & Cyber Security on the industrys operations as well as business performance.

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IT Directors Forum

The 19th IT Directors Forum will highlight the importance of giving emphasis to critical topics, such as uncovering design and implementation issues of the new era IT Strategy and exploring ways of creating business value by focusing on the central directions and imperatives of the transition, ensuring the improved, seamless, smooth, and qualitative human-centered digital operations.

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Ηealth IT Conference

An annual two-day conference that deals with the promotion and analysis of the digital strategy in Health and has become a meeting point for important representatives from the field of Health.