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28 Jun 2022

Energy Efficiency in Buildings Conference

Decarbonization, Mitigation and Adaptation of the Building sector for the general and local climate change
The main issue in Energy Efficiency in Buildings is: what mix of energy efficiency will be used in new but mainly in existing building shells, aiming at a small energy and environmental footprint, in energy efficient buildings with low energy costs as well as zero greenhouse gas emissions during operation which offer thermal comfort, but also sufficient cooling, far from conventional fixed types, with an efficient economical operation and a better quality of life for their occupants. A Conference with physical presence of delegates where Keynote speakers from abroad discuss challenges of the energy in the building sector in panels with Greek professionals and engineers in the building sector. The Conference is addressed to professionals of the building sector: Architects – Civil Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Energy inspectors, but also companies: Building manufacturers, Companies manufacturing heating and cooling systems, companies deploying at the field of energy and environmental certification of buildings, companies of building materials and building systems (emphasis on the aluminum market), Facility Managers etc


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