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23 Nov 2023

Bank Management Conference

The Conference will highlight the burdens of the new-gen Banking services’ implementation, the potential to tangible results for customers through Digital Banking Transformation, the trends and the roadmap towards the new digital era, through innovative projects, human resources, the digital and personalized banking sales lifecycle and positive market activation and engagement (B2B & B2C).
Selected, acknowledged International Thought Leaders, Distinguished Speakers from the local Banking Sector on specialized topics uncovering strategy, challenges, cutting-edge technological solutions and opportunities for sustainable growth, aligned with the new ESG imperatives. Using case studies, good practices and innovative initiatives that work. Focus on 3-4 Panels of Discussion encompassing the whole of Banking Sector with C-level participants on state-of-the-art topics.
250-300 Delegates with the following roles: Chief Digital Transformation Officer, CTOs, CIOs, Chief Retail Banking Officers, COOs, Risk and Authentication Managers, ICT Managers, Chief Innovation Managers (Retail, Telecoms, Utilities, etc.), Chief Marketing Officers, Financial Compliance Directors , IT Auditors, ICT Infrastructure and Business Continuity Managers, Payment Providers, Payment Gateways Providers, Senior-Middle Managers on Digital Transformation, Digital Payments Officers, Innovative Products Directors.


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