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28 Feb 2023 - 1 Mar 2023

3rd International Conference on Rare Diseases: Greek Chapter

The conference is co-organized for the 3rd year by “95”, Hellenic Alliance Greece and Heath Daily and has become a must attend event globally aiming to capture the entire journey of Rare Patients from Diagnosis to Access to the treatments and care they need. The aim of these two days is, through the exchange of knowledge, ideas and suggestions, to discuss appropriate practices and policies that will help health systems better meet the needs of the 30 million people living with a Rare Disease in Europe. The 3rd International Conference on Rare Diseases aspires to bring together all stakeholders in the rare disease community – patient representatives, policymakers, clinicians, researchers, industry representatives, payers and regulators to exchange invaluable knowledge with the aim of enhancing dialogue and promoting a common action plan that will help balance equity and sustainability across all EU countries so as to unite them on the front of combatting rare diseases.


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